Pyreken Pyretherum is a customer focused Pyretherum production company. Our Pyrethrum is grown in the highlands of Kenya since 1926.

We encourage Pyretherum farmers to use natural practices like non usage of chemicals and selective flowers harvesting. This means our Pyrethrum is organic grown and well PI:PII ratio balanced. Our formulated products are extremely effective due to that PI:PII balanced ratio.

Our team of thousands of small scale farmers ensure supply of Natural Pyrethrum pesticide all year around, which creates a constant supply for our customers. Our commitment is to supply Natural Pyrethrum pesticide to promote environmental sustainability.

What we do

We grow Pyrethrum in Kenya for the purpose of producing products including Mosquito Coils, Joss Sticks, Mosquito Sticks, Pyrethrum Insecticides, Mossi Chips, Insect Repellents and much more.

Why we do it

Because our world is drenched in synthetic chemicals. It is time for a changeWe must learn to work with nature, not against her.

How we do it

Each batch of flower heads is extracted in solvent three times and then a concentrate is made via vacuum distillation into an inert phase. This inert phase can be tailored to suit the customers requirements – common phases are isopar, mono propylene glycol, coconut oil, naphtha, and vegetable oil.

ABN: 17 640 952 432

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