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PK-500 Technical Pyrethrum Concentrate 50% 4Kgs

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PK-500 is a 50% Technical pyrethrins active ingredient.

With unique world No.1 pyrethrum growing climate in Kenya highlands 2000 m above sea level and rift Valley volcano soil, you can be sure of balanced ratio PI:PII which gives your end products a superior performance.

It is used in formulation of pyrethrum products.

Carefully refined products with no solvent residues ensure pure and clean end product.

Active Ingredients:

Pyrethrins – 50%
Petroleum Distillates – 50%


Keep out of reach of Children. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contamination with other chemicals. Avoid contact with skin.

Make PK -500 your preferred active ingredient for all pyrethrins based end-use products.

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